5 Things That Help Me Thrive As a Mother (on a really good week, and in no particular order)

Written By Audrey Assad - September 19 2016


October 22 2016

I like your music… but yoga! Maybe you need to listen to Mother Miriam! https://motherofisraelshope.org/
How come no mention of the rosary?

September 22 2016

Your music is something that helps me create an environment of peace and contentment in my home and with my little ones. They always tell me your singing “you are good to me, GOD to me” and they sing it with giggles over and over through the song. Maybe it’s because of our thick southern accents and that “guuud” would be a more accurate phonetic spelling for these parts. Thanks for sharing your gifts and being a part of our everyday in that small way!

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