Written By Audrey Assad - November 07 2016


February 03 2018

Hi, Audrey. I’m catholic, Brazilian and I love your songs. God bless you and Our Lady Mother of God inspire you! Thank you for bringing us closer to God.

Nathan Pierce
January 29 2018

This is absolutely gorgeous prose. And it’s all the more life giving because in the brilliant sparks of your story I am able to catch glimpses of my own. A god who abandons is easy to find, and like Merton said, “If I find Him with great ease, perhaps He is not my God.” Keep writing. Keep wrestling. Keep singing. The new record is very good. It grows on me with each new listen.

John Grecco
November 07 2017

God has greatly blessed you with this talent and in return we are greatly blessed and He is most Glorified.

Laura Coody
April 17 2017

God is using your music in our lives and we are eager to expand our collection. He is blessing us through you. ❤️

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