Freedom—and Joy—In Surrender

Written By Audrey Assad - October 03 2016


Bob Huettman
October 10 2016

I saw you in Steubenville last week and your testimony was so raw and real, spoken truly from your heart. As I looked around the room I saw how all those young students hung on every word you spoke…searching for truth. You did not disappoint. Your voice is such a wonderful gift from God and the work you are doing for Him is so important.It was a night I will not soon forget.

October 05 2016

Yes. Freedom in Christ is kinda upside down. Relinquishing Control to Him1 Yes. We are Created in His Image, but through the fallen Human seed we are born to a Self that wants to be King, but we suck at it. We hurt others and self, and God, in doing our joy thing.
As we Walk with Him, like Enoch, God slowly becomes real in our lives, and no longer does he look upside down, but our old Selves. Live Loved (knowing you are absolutely intimately Loved by God) and then live loving (from a Ransomed heart pod cast) I breath Romans 8:1 and John 7:1 I’m not Condemned, but love urged to live in the Spirit (R08) and I am not Judge, not God. He see the heart of the Prodigal on the slow slide down to Brokenness, but He sees the redemption. I am to Love those Trying live away from God with God’s blessing, waiting for them to realize they cannot. Dependence on God is Good, God is Good.
Thank you so much for sharing such a powerful insight. I read this to my Wife and will read to some young Men I know who are trapped.
Blessing In Him to you and Yours.

October 03 2016

You are amazing. Thanks for being honest about the struggle but reminding us of the joy. Xo

June Mazouch
October 03 2016

You are truly an apostle of Jesus Christ. Keep up your work and don’t loose faith. I know you are Syrian and to see what is happening there is eating at your soul. Pray and pray some more !
I will pray for you and your family !

William G Price III
October 03 2016

Love this.

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