The Role Of The Prophetic In Art

Written By Audrey Assad - October 17 2016


March 16 2017

Good observation on beauty. Without her or her “sisters” Truth and Goodness, our souls are thrown into chaos, as said in the “Transcendental Series” by Fortunate Fall records. I love that snapshot they did about the Transcendentals with symbols and explanations. We are running a retreat this weekend based on Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Wishing I could share the image from Fortunate Falls but cannot find where to get the permission. Can you help?

November 11 2016

“Beauty isn’t just Bathsheba bathing on the roof.”
Well said, Audrey. Thank you, your blog-articles really make me think. And also your views on God. I think of JHWH as a loving dad I can alway come to, who is walking with me, who wants me to be and to experience what he wants to show me. It is he, who made my life possible, who made my marriage possible and who shows me the path every day new. Sometimes I forget that I can always ask him and rely on him, then music like yours is a good reminder of that. Sometimes I think I have a very little clue, what his grace means, but it is too big for my mind to grasp it… Anyway, I’m thankful. Like to hear your songs “Restless”, “How can I keep from singing”, “Be Thou my Vision” and especially “Abide with me”.
Greetings from northern Germany!
:) Anne

November 06 2016

This is beautiful! I actually had a similar thought and sense of curiousity about the role art plays in worship, in the church today, and in everyday settings like social media. I did a paper in college about the way art was stripped from the church at large during the reformation and the small forms in which it remains, most prominently in Catholic church settings, but also in Protestant churches and worship and even in contemporary art. It’s an interesting area to explore, especially as a graphic designer in a Christian company. Certainly this is not only something to think about in a visual capacity. Thanks for your thoughts Audrey!

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